Thursday, March 19, 2009

seo doctor

SEO still lives and dies based on good seo baba. If you're going to move up in the rankings and stay there, you have to know how to write customer- and search engine-friendly content.

But you're a writer. You shouldn't have to learn about SEO, keyword mining, pagerank and the robots meta tag. You just want to write quality copy that search engines will like.

That's why I wrote The Unscary, Real World Guide to SEO baba. In it, you'll find:

Plain language and understandable explanations about why and how search engines review your writing.
The six rules for successful seo baba.
Guidelines for writing headlines that will attract both search engines and readers.
Rules for writing good link text.
How to create highly relevant 'clusters' of content on your site.
Not a single use of the word 'algorithm'.
The book's short, sweet and to the point: 30 pages, 6 rules for better seo baba
You can get it now. It costs $7. That's, what, one really lousy lunch?
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